The VR Galactic Gallery experience is an aesthetically driven VR experience exploring intersections between traditional and new media. It features art from Android Jones, Mars1, Chris Dyer, Mugwort, Mear One, Xavi, Luke Brown, Amanda Sage, and Hans Haveron. David Starfire designed sounds to match the space specifically tailored for the SUBPAC physical audio device. Paintings and sculpture by these artists are given special treatment to be more engaging in the Virtual environment - layers extrapolated to give some paintings depth while others have subtler effects that are only possible in the digital realm. Zach Krausnick lead both visual and technical design on the project. The piece explores high art in the medium and offers an accessible way to engage with Virtual Reality for all audiences.

Zach Krausnick is a creative technologist and lead interactive developer at DotDotDash based in Portland, Oregon. He has created works in Virtual Reality for the past 2 and a half years. He has performed at PS1 MOMA and at the Barbican Center with multimedia artist EMA creating bespoke virtual reality experiences to accompany durational performances and as part of an artist residency. His piece, the Galactic Gallery, was a featured installation at Lighting in a Bottle and Kaleidoscope VR.