"I'm interested in using computers to generate interactive 3D worlds with a richness and depth that would be impossible or infeasible for humans to make - rivaling the complexity of the natural world." - Nick Shelton

Nick Shelton strives to create infinitely customizable worlds...

"This typically starts with a study of geometric primitives like lines, boxes or extruded polygons. Layering on spatial repetition, mirroring and distortion, a fractal geometry system emerges. The experience becomes a search through system's state space for balance and harmony, like a stroll through a garden.

These kind of networks are prevalent in nature where unimaginably complex systems are generated by repeating simple rules over and over. Tweaking parameters results in a cascading butterfly effect on the visuals, sometimes reminiscent of natural processes like tree growth and sea creatures. However with computers we can explore parameters outside of what is physically allowed in our universe and create otherworldly environments." 

Shelton studied computer vision and 3D graphics visualization at the University of Texas at Austin. His software runs on autonomous vehicles, server traffic visualizers at Facebook, mobile augmented reality and is in Intel graphics drivers in massive supercomputer clusters.